This is quite possibly the best day to be a cartoonist in the future!

It felt like Christmas morning- I woke up and saw this blip onto the internet.  So I went to wake up Andy Junior and told him I wanted to show him a cartoon on the computer.  We proceeded to watch the Google Doodle animation, and I was able to tell him about Little Nemo, Slumberland, and how his bed can fly, walk and float!

It was absolutely magical to see him have the same response I had when I fist discovered Nemo (albeit in middle school at the Wichita library in the collected editions!)  I think he might just be as hooked as I am.

I made this from our favorite parts of the Little Nemo animation from today’s Google Doodle.

It’s from the Doodle team, drawn by Jennifer Hom.  So great!